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Grab and Go Meals: Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, the distribution scheduled for Friday 11/27/2020 will take place on Wednesday, 11/25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Learn more HERE.

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Welcome to the home of the Samuel Pennypacker Masterminds

Welcome to the online home of the Samuel Pennypacker Masterminds

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Letter From the Principal

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Parents, a reminder that next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are report card conferences and that school will be closed at 11:49 on those 3 days (23rd, 24th, and 25th).  All grades can be accessed through the parent portal or you can see them by having your child log into their school account and their grades are in their infinite campus.

We are having report card conferences on the afternoons of the 23rd, 24th and 25th.   Please contact your teacher to set up an appointment to talk to them.  Please make sure we have updated contact information for you and your family. We are still missing primary emails for some families.

Link to help get grades with video aid

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Request a Report Card

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New Speciality Class Schedule starts November 18th

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Covid-19 Testing and Information

The SDP has determined to remain with virtual school until further notice.
As the school’s nurse, I can help answer medical questions or concerns on any acute or chronic medical conditions. I can also address concerns or questions, you may have, as it relates to COVID-19.
For example: where can people get free COVID-19 testing, what are the symptoms of COVID-19 or does a parent have to notify the nurse/teacher if their student has symptoms of COVID-19; or have tested positive for COVID-19?



The District in consultation with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) has established protocols to respond to suspected and positive cases of COVID-19 to maintain the health and safety of the school community.

I can be reached at
Nurse Smith

Resources for Crisis

In the wake of the tragic killing of Walter Wallace, Jr., The College of Physicians of Philadelphia continues to unconditionally state that Black Lives Matter. As an educational and cultural institution dedicated to serving the Philadelphia community, we are deeply saddened by yet another avoidable deadly confrontation with police and urge everyone to approach issues of mental health with compassion and not violence.

Embracing our role and responsibility as a public health institution, we offer the resources below as a way for each individual to care for their loved ones, neighbors, and friends who may be experiencing a mental health crisis. At a time when many of us feel powerless, all we can do is care for those around us in the hopes that we emerge from this difficult chapter in our history as a stronger, more inclusive, and just community.

Crisis Text Line – text: “HOME” to 741-741

Philadelphia Mobile Emergency: 215-685-6440

Community Behavioral Health: 888-545-2600

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

https://healthymindsphilly. org/en/ 

Thankful Collages

Come check out the collages we created

Morning Meeting Link – Monday through Thursday

Click HERE to join. Remember to type first and last name and the work “Present” when you log in.  Join by browser for easiest linking  PLEASE NOTE THE LINK WILL NOT BE ACTIVE UNTIL IT IS TIME FOR THE MEETING!  Passcode: 469806

Remind App and Class Dojo

With the way the world is today we are trying to find more ways to stay in touch with our families.  To the end we are using 2 different services to help communication.


The remind app is a way for us to send out quick updates if anything is going on.  You can join multiple ways.

  1. On a smart phone go to to join remind
  2. text @Penny6 to 81010

Class Dojo

If you have a teacher that has Class Dojo and you are following them you are already a part of this great system.  If you wish to join go to and register as a parent and look for Samuel Pennypacker School.


Any other issues you can email us at and someone will get to you.

Student Schedules

Daily Schedule (make a copy)

Daily Schedule (viewable)

Prep (make a copy)

Prep (viewable)

Classroom Links

RoomClassRoom LinkE-Mail
Room 3Mrs. QuintinlianiRoom link
Room 4Mrs. FogelmanRoom link
Room 6 GYMMrs. CiorlettiRoom link
Room 104Mrs. PflanzerRoom link
Room 104Mrs, Vassallo 6Room
Room 104Mrs Vassallo 5Room
Room 104Mrs Vassallo 4Room
Room 104Mrs Vassallo 3Room
Room 104Mrs Vassallo 2Room
Room 104Mrs Vassallo 1Room
Room 104Mrs Vassallo KRoom
Room 105Mrs LongelloRoom link
Room 106Mrs PearsonRoom link
Room 107Mrs Abraham CuffRoom link
Room 108Mr ClarkRoom link
Room 109Mrs ArenaRoom link
Room 110Mrs WeltonRoom link
Room 201Mr. AbdullahRoom link
Room 202Mr. YanceyRoom link
Room 203Mrs McCoyRoom link
Room 204Mrs. BloomRoom link
Room 208Mrs. WIlsonRoom link
Room 209Mr. LevyRoom link
Room 210Mrs. TaylorRoom link
Room 301Mrs. FrantzRoom link
Room 302Mr. EricksenRoom link
Room 303Mr. CurtisRoom
Room 304Mr. ArringtonRoom link
Room 305Mr. PittRoom link
Room 306Mrs. BrownRoom link
Room 307Silverman Homeroom,Room link
Room 308Smith 308 ClassRoom link
Room 310Podolsky 310 ClassRoom link
Room 311Mrs. GreskoRoom
Mrs. LeahySBTLRoom
Mr. BrownClimate ManagerRoom
Mrs. SimonCounselorRoom

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