About Us

Our Mission

The Samuel W. Pennypacker School vision is to instill in children a lifelong love of learning so that they will become contributing members of society. We will carry forth with our teaching so that all students perform at the proficient and advanced level or work. Our school will provide consistent, academic instruction so that students can continue to learn while in a safe, nurturing environment. The Pennypacker School will prepare students to be academically successful through high expectations and the belief that all students can learn and remain life-long learners. They learn in a clean, safe environment with a staff that views all children as equal and who share equally in Pennypacker’s resources. We recognize and value the potential in all of our students and are guided by the following principles:

– Every student can learn
– We have high expectations for all of our students
– Our students will be life long learners
– Teachers are advocates for children
– Families, the community, and the school are partners

All stakeholders share in the above beliefs, responsibilities and goals so that at the Pennypacker School No Child Will Be Left Behind.